San Antonio Wedding Photographer Joel Byrd

About Us

Let me share with you how important your special day is to me. My years of wedding photography has assisted me in understanding.., no, I more than understand the importance of your wedding day! My relationships with brides, grooms, parents, special friends and families have given me a unique and very personal insight into the feelings that surround the most important day of your life.

Here’s what happens when you entrust me with this memory of a lifetime. I love documenting life with a creative eye. I like getting in the mix, up close and personal with everything, both people and places that I photograph. Getting in the mix is the best way I know to thoroughly replicate what is really happening.  And this is exactly how my relationship with you will be. This day is about you! Working together closely is the ideal way for us to get a great set of images.  Each wedding is a totally new event. No two brides, no two wedding days are ever the same. My goal is to capture you and your day! To accomplish this, I constantly search for new poses and angles that uniquely express you.

My promise to you is to record all of the excitement of your special day without taking you away from actually enjoying it. Rely completely on me to get every shot; capture the most intimate, exciting, and funny moments. Your wedding will be represented as true to life as possible and never choreographed to a photographer’s idea of what a wedding should be. I always have fun at the weddings I photograph, and I will make sure that you do to.

“Photography done your way for the best memories in life”